Lisa’s Journey: I’m on the road again… (you can sing it if you like)!!!

Only a week on from my last blog (I’m suppose to have it into Ray on Friday’s, whoops it’s Monday), but I am making progress!!

I’ve broken through the “I can’t run on the road” mental barrier this week.  My ‘wifey’, and No.1 motivator said, “You just have to get out there [on the road]. You’ll find it’s a lot easier”.  It was the first 20 minute run I had to do too.  So off we set.  She chatted away and kept me going.  I answered when and where I could.  Puff, puff, grunt, grunt. I didn’t break any land speed records.  At times, I had to check my watch to make sure I was actually getting somewhere, as I literally felt like I was jogging or ‘wogging’ (walk/jogging) on the spot. But we slowly got to 5kms. What a relief that was. Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey: I’m on the road again… (you can sing it if you like)!!!”

Lisa’s Journey: Mind games, is it all in your head…?

Whale Run

Whale RunIt was nice to have Monday off work, for Queenie’s birthday, but unfortunately not off workout and I really could not be bothered! My workout was ever so slightly longer, and I’d already told myself, “it’s going to be much harder, and I probably won’t even be able to do it”.

Haha some people play mind games with others.  I just play them with myself. I’d already talked myself out of it, but I got on the treadmill and did it anyway. Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey: Mind games, is it all in your head…?”

Lisa’s Journey: Don’t panic… Ray’s got a plan!

Whale Run

Whale RunSooo, I just read our school newsletter, and there’s only 15 weeks, or at the time of checking the website, there’s a timer – 100 days – 4 hours – 8 minutes and 18 seconds until ‘The Kaikōura Whale Run’ – less now.   I’m trying not to panic, but that’s not a whole lot of time to go from ‘nothing to 10kms’.  I do ,however, have complete faith in that Ray knows what he’s doing (but then I really can’t argue the facts with him), because all this new ‘exercise’ terminology is like trying to decipher the Da Vinci Code. The graphs and data are very colourful and pretty, but I don’t understand what they all mean. Ray has said not to worry about ‘that stuff now’’, just run and walk at a pace that feels comfortable. And ‘stationary’ is not a pace!!! Haha Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey: Don’t panic… Ray’s got a plan!”

Lisa’s Journey: I Saved My Treadmill Or Did My Treadmill Save Me?

Whale Run

It’s funny how when you sit there thinking about something, nothing happens.

This is a true raw account of my journey.  I hope that even if only one person reads, relates and realises they’re not alone, then I feel I’ve succeeded in sharing the love!

I’ve been an on and off kind of exerciser most of my life. I was the sporty, athletic kid at school, not the academic (though I once got an ‘effort’ award in English).  Give me athletics, cross country or swimming sports over maths, english and science ANY DAY!!! Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey: I Saved My Treadmill Or Did My Treadmill Save Me?”