Pre-Kona Qwik-View with Kiwi Pro Mike Phillips


Qwik Kiwi: Congratulations on qualifying for Kona as a pro for the first time.

Your season thus far has been pretty great with winning 70.3 Taupo, winning Challenge Melbourne and your 2nd place at IM Barcelona with a time comfortably under the 8 hour barrier. This combined with your 4th in Switzerland and 5th at IMNZ and some other good results in various Asian 70.3 events. What have been the highlights of the season for you personally?

Mike Phillips: Barcelona was the biggest highlight for me.  I had been in Europe training and racing for three months. I was in great shape, but Ironmans are tricky to get right and I was still very much a novice. I felt that day I really performed to the best of my ability.

Another highlight was Ironman Switzerland.  It was a last minute decision to race based on my current Kona points. I had just had a break from training and had four weeks to prepare for the race.  On the second day when I started back training, I crashed on a descent in Nice while out cycling. I did some damage to my hip and I was unable to run on it for more than 5km. I had to finish in the top 6 to qualify for Kona, so the pressure was on, but somehow I got the job done.  The marathon was very painful, but I held on to finish 4th. This was another day where I really got the best out of myself on the day. Continue reading “Pre-Kona Qwik-View with Kiwi Pro Mike Phillips”

UltraHumps: Melbourne Calling

Hi blog followers

Welcome to my blog as I continue my journey towards the Cameron Brown Award and IronMaori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series.

This last week has seen me visit the Physio who had me do a range of movements whilst studying my shoulder.  When I explained where the pain or discomfort was, she advised me not to worry about that.  Pain doesn’t necessarily come from where it is injured. After almost an hour long session and tape in place, with a whole lot of exercises to do for strengthening I was on my way with a follow up appointment after the upcoming ultrasound. So it will be interesting to see how it develops so Coach Ray can get me back into swimming.

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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Don’t Dwell on the Red!

Anybody that is a user of Training Peaks will understand this – briefly red is a failed session, amber is partly completed and green is a fully achieved session. Well I’ve quite often dwelled on missed sessions and never really looked at the bigger picture!

For myself in the past I feel I have always looked backwards and never forward. This has been a big problem for me as once one session has been missed this generally spirals into two, three or more sessions resulting in a “non” training week and massive inconsistencys in my training. Therefore as mentioned in my previous post my training has never really progressed and my fitness has just stagnated and never really improved. Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Don’t Dwell on the Red!”

Pre-Kona Qwik-View with Kiwi AGer Jess Barnes


Qwik Kiwi: Congrats on getting to Kona. Having coached you whilst you were at school and in your early university days, it’s a privilege to see how you’ve grown as an athlete and where you have got to now.

Jess Barnes: Thanks Ray, I really appreciate your support and guidance from when I was a triathlon Newbie. It’s really cool to look back and see how far I have come. 

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Pre-Kona Qwik View with Kiwi Pro Melanie Burke

Melanie Burke

Qwik Kiwi: Congratulations on qualifying for Kona as a Pro for the second time. It must have been a nail biting end to the qualifying process as you waited for results to come in from IM Hamburg.

You’ve managed to qualify and race at Kona as a Pro back in 2014. What has been different in your build up this time?

Melanie Burke: This time I’ve had a bit more of a build up having qualified in the first cut rather than the final. I also didn’t need to race as many IMs to qualify. I’ve been trying to do more swim training, and also have been doing a few indoor bike sessions on Zwift which I didn’t previously do. You can always rely on a good workout indoors! Continue reading “Pre-Kona Qwik View with Kiwi Pro Melanie Burke”

Pre Kona Qwik-View with Callum Millward from the Cupcake Cartel


Qwik Kiwi: Congratulations on qualifying for Kona again. Over the last few years you’ve gained a great following with your Cupcakes with Callum series of vlogs.

Where did this concept come from?

Callum Millward: Korupt Vision (Glen Murray – Liz Blatchford’s husband) and myself birthed the idea after getting sick of mundane interviews of pros. Having known pros over the years and learning their personalities in private vs how they would act in the media spotlight was often polarising. So we got together and produced tongue and cheek videos which offered a platform to showcase their personalities.

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