May Client of the Month: Barb Frost

Marathon Training NZ

Marathon Training NZBarb Frost is this months ‘Client of the Month’. I’ve been impressed with her commitment to both training and ensuring she gets over her injury. This is her story.

My Journey with Qwik Kiwi… by Barb Frost

My journey with Qwik Kiwi began at the start of October 2015 when I was training towards competing in my first full marathon. Prior to that I had only run purely for my own pleasure and fitness.

With the guidance of Ray Boardman I have been able to now take part in two full marathons.  The Queenstown International Marathon on 21 November 2015 and the Motatapu Off Trail Marathon on the 5 March 2016.

I have learnt a lot in the seven months I have been part of the Qwik Kiwi family. It’s great having a dedicated Face Book page where we are able to post anything to do with our training and get positive feedback from other like minded people.

Not only is Ray a great coach, he also cares about us as individuals and has been there for me more recently as another support person through some tough personal family stuff.  I am also currently working through a knee issue that occurred in the downhill leg of the Motatapu Marathon and Ray has been there to help pick me up when I’ve been feeling a bit flat if my training hasn’t gone according to plan.

Because of my knee issue my goal of running in the Naseby Ultra Race at the end of August is looking a little uncertain at the moment but I’m determined not to let it get me down.  I have no doubt that Ray’s coaching will continue to inspire me in the next few months and hopefully I will achieve my next goal.

– Barb Frost

Marathon Training NZAs client of the month Barb had this bunch of flowers delivered to her at work this morning.


Transforming Tash: Self Confidence

IronMaori Coaching

IronMaori CoachingIt is very easy to stand in ones comfort zone. To step out of that zone requires bravery and sometimes we question how brave we really are.

I have been talking in-depth with a colleague of mine about the need for confidence. Confidence in all areas of life. Without confidence it is easy to say this is where we belong. However, with just a little bit of confidence we may be able to push that acceptance level just a wee bit further.Triathlon Training NZ

It’s confidence to stand up and say “I matter” or “I believe I can do this”. It’s confidence to say yes I can swim 1700m without stopping, or to ride up that massive hill without stopping. It’s confidence to meet a new group of people who you know are going to push you out of your current zone and make you do hill sprints. (Thank you by the way ha-ha).

Tri Coaching NZMy wish, and it has been for sometime, is that exercise becomes second nature to me. I am sick of having to force myself to do something. I want to wake up each morning excited and amped for today’s session. But no. It’s still a chore.

Oh I know I feel way better when I complete a session, both emotionally and physically, but it’s still a struggle to get out that door at times. This theory of 21 days to form a habbit, it so isn’t true haha. Oh unless they mean actually exercising 21 days straight to form this habit. Maybe this is where I am going wrong haha.

Ok my mission this week: do something for me that pushes my confidence and consistently train. I’ve got this, I know I do.

– Tash McCosh

Blog # 18 – Song By Singer / Songwriter Allan Watt

Hi Blog Followers,

This is the second to last Blog before my team of Ray Boardman (Coach/Team Captain), Derrick McMillan (Support Crew), Scott Cordwell (Support Crew) and myself (Athlete) head to Australia for Ultraman Australia to raise funds for KIWI (Killed, Injured, Wounded and Ill) of the New Zealand Defence Force. During the period 14-16 May 2016, I cover 515 kms of swimming, cycling and running over three days.  My Support Crew will be heavily involved, particularly on Day 3 to get me through the double marathon by taking turns at running beside me to keep me going.

Last weekend was my big training schedule which I came through relatively unscathed and gained confidence with the distances involved in each discipline. This weekend I have had to shift focus with meeting up with my siblings to help our mother move into her new town-house in Christchurch, after the family home was completely destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes.  Amongst the moving to a new family home, Coach Ray has my training for me to complete.  My siblings are probably enjoying the break away from me. It’s so good to have the family together from far afield and to see how happy my mum is. The training is going well and Coach Ray is assisting me in fine-tuning my Garmin to make sure I gain maximum benefit with the various applications.

My thoughts are with the New Zealand Defence Force Invictus Team as they head to Australia to prepare for their Invictus Games before heading to the USA to compete. I take my hat off to them with what they are achieving with their various disabilities.  In actual fact I am in awe of them and wish them all the best.

This week Allan Watt finished writing a song for me to help focus on Ultraman Australia. Allan is a singer / songwriter whom I served with in Singapore in the mid to late 80’s. We enjoyed many a beer together with him jamming on his guitar and belting out some tunes. None of us really knew that he had a secret passion to record music of which he has prepared a CD for the RSA’s for fundraising. Thank you Allan, I feel so privileged that you took the time to put a song together for me, for the cause.  Thank you Bob Davies (the Regimental Sergeant Major when I was in Singapore) for encouraging Allan to prepare a song towards my fundraising exploits for the Fallen.

Take care team, regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 01 May 2016

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Transforming Tash: Self-Respect

Tri Training NZ

Tri Training NZ

If I had the power to install one attribute 100% into my children and know that it would never falter it would be self-respect. Who are we if we do not have regard for our own respect?

We like to think we are empowering children by throwing the word respect around, but are we adding the word “self” before, or is it just more about respecting others, property and the environment. If we taught self-respect, surely all the other respects would fall suitably into line.

I have been looking at my inner workings over the past few weeks, and one thing that I have started to touch base is on, is how much do I ACTUALLY respect myself. I am starting to realize that my self-respect is rather low.

When did it become acceptable to put someone’s happiness above one’s own? I am talking about the little things like letting your running partner change the route at the last moment, because they don’t wish to tackle hills like we have been planning for weeks and I have been gearing myself up for and actually looking forward to it. So we run the flats.

Or I order a flat white, and they bring a latte out. Why don’t I value my happiness to say no,  I paid $5 for a flat white, I would like my flat white not this latte please.

To the bigger things like life’s dreams and aspirations and fulfilling them.

Self-respect is not about downing a bottle of wine each night and skipping my coaches plan for me the next day. How is that loving myself when I am sabotaging myself? I need to love myself enough to take care of myself. Be healthy in mind, body and spirit. I know I want to swim 2km, bike 90km and run 21 km in a few months without falling apart or even worse having so much self-doubt that I don’t even make it to the start line.

I want to see that finish line, so I need to have enough self-respect to put myself first over the next few months. It’s not about making everything and everyone suffer the consequences.  If I can make a few small changes (i.e. not down a bottle of wine when life pisses me off) then the day after the bad day surely can only be a good, productive day, so that I take one step in the right direction.

I firmly believe that everyone has the power to change his/her direction at any one moment. They have the ability to say no.  This is not how my story is going to end. We have the power, if we have the self-respect.

Let’s all make the aim to love and respect ourselves just a little bit more. Take one step, even tiny, to that dream you have been thinking about for years and value yourself enough to start working towards it.

Blog # 17 – Gaining Sponsorship And Giving Sponsorship Plus ANZAC Day

Tri Coaching NZ

Hi blog followers,

We are definitely getting closer now, which has meant some late nights during the week after training to finalise requirements as we approach the final countdown for my 515 km 3 day endurance event of swimming, cycling and running in Ultraman Australia.

Tri Coaching NZGAINING SPONSORSHIP – In a previous blog I made mention of being in Waiouru one weekend with one of my Ultraman Australia support crew Derrick McMillan.  We were assisting ‘Off-Limits’ at a refuelling point for their motor-cross event of ‘Tussock Busters’.  Whilst there I had the opportunity to talk to Simon Reynolds about a sponsorship proposal from ‘Off-Limits’ for assistance with Ultraman Australia and possibly other future events I will undertake.  After putting a Business Case together on the advice from Simon, the Trustees have come on board to assist.  I am extremely thankful to have Off-Limits as my primary sponsor for the future.

Ultraman CoachingGIVING SPONSORSHIP – My partner was working in an area in the community to assist people, something she is very good at, doing something for others.  After a conversation she wanted to know if we would personally sponsor a teenager with the financial cost towards her drivers license testing.  The girl called ‘Riki’ wasn’t known to either of us until my partner was working within the community that day, and she took an interest in Riki.  Once we agreed to help Riki, it was completely up to her on how the drivers license testing would go.  Coming from a large family it’s an expense that we were pleased to be able to help out with.  Riki was determined to not only do us proud, but to make her family and more importantly herself proud.  The enclosed photos show Riki signing and receiving her Drivers License after achieving 100% in the testing.  I’m extremely proud of her particularly as English is not her first language.  It’s so good to see the determination of a young lady putting her best foot forward with receiving a helping hand.  Your smile says it all Riki.  Drive safe!

TRAINING – This was my last large training weekend prior to Ultraman Australia, where I met up with my partner in Taupo.  It also gave me the opportunity to spend time with my bike mechanic, Brendon Reynolds, from Huka Cycles.

On Saturday I had a 8.5 km Swim where I hit the swimming pool.  Being in Taupo I weighed up the option of swimming in the lake along the Ironman course.  The risk of picking up a cold or flu at this critical time so close to Ultraman Australia had Coach Ray outweighing that option.  So it was 340 lengths of a 25 metre swimming pool.  This was great for building mental resilience and great for practising tumble turns.  After this I had a four hour cycle so hit the Ironman Course and the Taupo Expressway.

On Sunday I had a 250 km cycle where I considered going around Lake Taupo and parts of the Ironman course, but the traffic for the long weekend was horrendous, so I played it safe and rode the Ironman Course a number of times.  This gave me a few challenging hills such as the infamous Ironman Heartbreak Hill.  I was certainly pleased to finish that days training and to put my feet up in the Army Leave Centre I was staying in.

Monday was ANZAC Day where I attended the service. I remember on ANZAC Day watching my father parade and there never appeared to be many spectators in those days.  It is such a great feeling to see so many people of all ages turning out these days, not only the Service personnel or former Service personnel wearing their medals, but seeing dependents wearing medals of their family members who have passed before them.  My training on this day was a 3 hour run where I went from Acacia Bay into Taupo and ran parts of the Ironman Marathon Course.

Take care everyone and I hope you all travelled safe from your ANZAC weekend locations back home.

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 24 April 2016

Each Sunday I’ll post my ‘best of’ list in a number of categories from the inter-webs. Other weeks can be found here.

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