UltraHumps: Day 1 Ultraman

UltraHumps: the Business Begins

Ultraman Australia

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Well we have arrived in the Queensland Sunshine Coastal town of Noosa for Ultraman Australia.  A busy day on Tuesday with checking in at 0400 hours for a 0600 hours flight, so guess what that meant?  We were up and about in the barracks at 0230 hours to shower up and head for the airport on the other side of Wellington, picking up Sarah McMillan, a member of the Support Crew on the way. Continue reading “UltraHumps: the Business Begins”

UltraHumps: Ultra Widow

The partner of an Ironman is often fondly referred to as an Ironman Widow or Widower, due to the amount of training the athlete completes, so I thought I’d share my story as John’s partner or Humps or UltraHumps as I have often heard him called lol.
In 2013 I went to my first Ironman event ever.  I had visions of partying up after the event to celebrate with John.  The last thing I expected that night was to be picking him up from the bottom of the shower where he collapsed and was vomiting. Holy crap I told him “I think you need to hook up with a nurse or a doctor not a cop”, only for him to say when questioned why he didn’t pull out was “It’s all about the free t-shirt and towel at the finish line”!

UltraHumps: A Coaches Perspective

Ironman NZ

Humps asked me to pen this article for him, as he did with the other members of the support crew for the previous posts over the last two weeks. Read those articles here: Scott Cordwell and Derrick McMillan. Rather than talk about what we did in Noosa, this article will focus on what we did prior to getting to Noosa and how things differed for his build up this year. Continue reading “UltraHumps: A Coaches Perspective”

Ultrahumps – Sight for Sore Eyes


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This week has been a mixed week of training due to a change of work location for the week and a serious eye infection which kept me out of the pool from Monday.  I purchased new goggles as my last pair were pretty much done and dusted.  I always stick with the same brand as they fit to my face quite well, however the pair that I purchased had a very slight crack in the mould.  Every two laps during the warm up I had to stop and drain the goggles.  After the warm up I went back to the Pool Shop and exchanged them for another pair.  I continued and finished my  3km+ swim which Coach Ray had scheduled,  At that time I noticed my eyes were sore.  Once I got out of the shower my eyes were completely red and blood shot and discomforting pain was setting in.

Once I got back to Camp I went to the Doctor who put local antiseptic drops in my eyes.  That had me wincing around like a kid at the dentist.  It was obvious I couldn’t go to work as a computer screen and any source of light was unbearable.  In my room I had to sit there all day with the curtains shut and no lights on.  I thought to myself ‘this must be what solitary confinement feels like’. Continue reading “Ultrahumps – Sight for Sore Eyes”


Ultraman Australia

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Gosh the year is flying past and so is the time towards Ultraman Australia, which is mid next month (13-15 May 2017).  Ultraman is the ‘1‘ of the 3+2+1=Charity, having completed the ‘3‘ Half Ironman events over ‘3’ consecutive weekends in December, and ‘2‘ full Ironman events over ‘2’ weeks in February / March. Continue reading “ULTRAHUMPS VERSUS THE WILDERBEAST”

UltraHumps – moving towards Ultraman Australia

Ironman NZ

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The weeks are ticking by as I head towards Ultraman Australia on 13-15 May 2017.  Coach Ray has me back into full training.  Normally after an Ironman, let alone two Ironman events over a two week period, Coach Ray continues his athletes with training, but at a lower duration or lower intensity in order to recover.  Once he determines the time is right, it is back to the full schedule.

This means I know roughly what I have each day of each week i.e. swim and a run on a Monday; swim and a bike on a Tuesday; brick session on a Wednesday (bike followed by a run); swim on Thursday; long run on Friday; rest day on a Saturday with only stretching, and a long bike on Sunday.  This hasn’t changed during the recovery stage.  It is simply lesser durations of each activity. Continue reading “UltraHumps – moving towards Ultraman Australia”

UltraHumps: Challenge Wanaka – Called Challenge for a Reason!

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Coach Ray kindly allowed me to delay the write up due to focusing on Challenge Wanaka.  This is the first part of the ‘2’ of the 3+2+1=Charity, being the two Iron Distance events (226kms) over ‘2’ weeks, with the next being Ironman New Zealand in Taupo on Saturday 4 March (having completed the ‘3’ Half Ironman events over 3 consecutive weekends in December). Continue reading “UltraHumps: Challenge Wanaka – Called Challenge for a Reason!”