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Month: August 2015

Beginner Training Marathon & Half Marathon's Triathlon Training

How to Measure Your Training

Technology is evolving at a great pace. Heart Rate (HR) monitors are getting more features and are linking in with other training tools that can pick up GPS signals, foot pods that count the number of foot strikes and a…

Friday Fartlek Run: Ross Creek Intervals

This session I did a number of times when I was living in Dunedin and running the fastest I have ever run (sub 34 minutes for 10km). I used to do this session running in one of my favourite locations…

Beginner Training Marathon & Half Marathon's Sports Medicine/Rehab Triathlon Training

Exercise Associated Muscle Cramp (EAMC)

There are a number of causes of cramp, but the most likely that we as runners, cyclist and swimmers are going to be dealing with is the phenomenon known as Exercise Associated Muscle Cramp (EAMC). There is often assumed to be…

Wednesday Wind Trainer Session: 4x 8min Threshold Intervals 2min RI

This session will enhance your ability to tolerate and clear lactic acid. This is a really great session to develop your race fitness and allows you to tolerate lactic acid. The short recovery, allows a drop in lactic acid, but not…

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