September 2015 - Coach Ray

Coach Ray

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Month: September 2015

Wednesday Wind Trainer Workout: Around the Clock

This session will develop your ability to generate a high amount of power in a short space of time. Mountain bikers (especially DH & Enduro riders) and road cyclists looking for more power in a bunch kick will benefit greatly from…

Friday Fartlek Run: 6x 200m + 3x 1,000m + 3x 400m

This session is a great session to sharpen you up to run a fast 5km or 10km race. Perfectly placed 4-6 weeks prior to your event. Each week I will be posting the Friday Fartlek Run Sessions that you can do to enhance…

Beginner Training Marathon & Half Marathon's Triathlon Training

Getting Started in Running

So you know a friend or two that are getting involved with the couch to 5km or the park run programme and you want to get started as well but don’t know where to start from. Here are a couple…

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