October 2015 - Coach Ray

Coach Ray

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Month: October 2015

Saturday Swim Sessions – 4 Weeks to a Faster 1,500m with only 4km per Week: Week 1

  Over the next four weeks I will post two 2k swim workouts a week that when done together will make you faster over 1,500m. The sessions are best suited to doing on a Saturday and Wednesday or 3-4 days…

Friday Fartlek – 8 Weeks to a faster 10k: 5km Time Trial

This workout continues the development to improve your 10k speed over 8 weeks. This is the forth workout in this series (the first can be found here, the second here & third here). Include each of these speed sessions once per…

Round Rarotonga Road Race

What a beautiful setting for a run, or should I say 5 runs. A whole run festival with the big race being 32kms right around the Island. When you arrive you acclimatise with a 5km fun run and fun it…

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