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Month: November 2015

12 Weeks to an Iron-Distance Swim PB: Week 1

Over the coming 12 weeks I will post a a series of workouts building your swim fitness as you prepare for either Challenge Wanaka (18 Feb) or Ironman NZ (04 Mar). I have been a professional triathlon coach since 2000 and am a multiple Iron-distance finisher including…

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Is More Training Better?

Is more training better? How much is too much? How hard is too hard? I’m feeling good so I should push myself hard today. All common questions or statements that I deal with as a coach. What are the answers…

Saturday Swim Session: Broken Sets

These session will develop your swimming speed and stamina concurrently by combining both components of fitness with in the one workout. Use them to swim faster in your next triathlon.

Client Stories

The Joy of the Outdoors

I love the outdoors, so I trail run, sea swim and mountainbike.  Most of all, I love to run trails.  I like hills and gnarly back-county – with the big ups, the challenging downhills and the amazing views.  I love…

How Fast Are You Now?

This is the eighth and final session as we have now built your fitness. Now it is time to retest you and compare with your original benchmark from the first session. If you haven’t done the preceding sessions you can’t expect to have…

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800 Ways to Enhance Your Endurance

This is the seventh session as we build your fitness to a new 1,500m PB. Start with the first session and then work through doing each session three to four days apart. Session One: How fast can you swim 1,500m? Session Two:…

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