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Month: July 2016

Saturday Swim Session: Individual Medley Set to Improve Your Triathlon

Individual Medley (IM) sets are often ignored and/or under utilised by triathletes, but they provide some truly great benefits to both recreational and competitive triathletes. They develop your ‘feel for the water‘  and enhance your ability to catch hold of…

Friday Fartlek Run: 5x 1,200m

This workout is a great way to develop speed for a 10km and a bit of endurance for a 5km race. Because of this it is perfect for short course triathletes. Although different from last weeks session they are both very…

How to Plan an Adventurous Training Session for Spring Challenge

Earlier this week I wrote an article that has been very well received about my Top 3 Training Locations in Takaka for the Spring Challenge. Now not all of you will have the opportunity to travel to Takaka to train…

Top 3 Spring Challenge Training Activities in Takaka

So, what are the Top 3 Spring Challenge training activities in Takaka and why? Okay, so these things are not purely in Takaka, but they are all based over in Golden Bay and Takaka is where you would base yourself…

Blog 3 – UltraHumps 3+2+1=Charity

Hi blog followers Well it has been an interesting week of training and receiving feedback from Coach Ray regarding where I have gone wrong in training and on the same token where I have got it right.

Saturday Swim Session: 50’s and more 50’s

These sessions will develop your aerobic swimming endurance by completing a large number of short reps with minimal rest. This will assist with building a base that will make you fitter and more efficient.

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