Thursday Training Plan: Wanaka BRECA Training Plan (BEGINNER 12 Week Plan Starts 25-Dec-17)

With the Breca swim/run events gaining popularity, and with two great options in New Zealand (Wanaka and Bay of Islands) I’ve got a programme for athletes wanting to finish it for the first time.  This programme starts on the 25 December 2017 (don’t worry it’s only an easy 30 min run on Christmas Day) and will take you right through to either Wanaka Breca on 18 March 2018 or the Bay of Island Breca on 15 April 2018.






There are three programme options, all for BEGINNERS, targeting either the Wanaka Breca over 50km (42km running with 8km swimming), the Wanaka Sprint Breca over 18.5km (15km running with 3.5km swimming) and the Bay of Islands Breca over 33.4km (25km running with 8.4km swimming).

Each programme is made up of three swims and three runs each week with a Breca simulation session.  If you are looking at doing either the Wanaka or Bay of Islands Breca, it is advisable to be able to swim 1,500 meters continuously, 3,000 metres total within a workout and run for 2 hours comfortably. If you want to do the Wanaka Sprint Breca Training Plan it’s advised that you can swim 500m continuously and 2,000m within a workout and run for 90 minutes.

Over the twelve or sixteen weeks you will build up your fitness and finish swimming and running faster for your Breca event.

Purchase the Wanaka Training Plan today for only $107* through Training Peaks and have it loaded directly into your Training Peaks account. Don’t have a Training Peaks account? Sign up for the free Basic Account today (and get upgraded to premium for your first 7 days).

*Training Peaks works in US currency and this price equates to ~NZ$11 per week on the current exchange rate.

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