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Month: January 2018

Saturday Swim Session – Test Yourself With a Time Trial

Swimming time trials is a great way to test yourself and measure your progress. Incorporating them into your programme regularly gives you an idea of how your fitness is changing.  This workout is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes or people…

Thursday Training Plan: Rotorua MARATHON Training Plan (INTERMEDIATE 12 week Plan – Start 12 Feb 18)

The Rotorua Marathon is one of the most iconic marathons in New Zealand. This training plan will take an intermediate runner and increase their fitness level to enable them to comfortably run faster than they previously have on this course.

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: 6x 5min VO2 Max

This session is a great way to develop your top end speed and power, as well as working on your sustained pace. This will provide benefit to all cyclists including mountain bikers and triathletes.

Using a Power Bag for Your Strength Training to Get Fitter & Faster For Triathlons & Marathons

This is a great wee workout for runners and triathletes to include in their training a couple of times a week to build and enhance their strength endurance which will benefit their overall health and fitness.

Saturday Swim Session – Lotza 50’s

Swimming 50m reps with a good rest can develop your speed and swimming them with short rests can develop your endurance. Put lots together within the one workout with a mixture of rest and you can develop speed, endurance and…

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