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Thursday Training Plan: Auckland Women’s Half Marathon Training Plan (BEGINNER 16 Week Plan – Start 12 Mar 18)

The Auckland Women’s Half Marathon is New Zealand’s first all women half marathon. This training plan will take a beginner female runner and increase their fitness level to enable them to comfortably run complete the event.

This programme is made up of four run sessions each week.

Prior to using this plan, you should be able to run for 60 minutes continuously. Each week you will be challenged to run a little further and/or faster with in the sessions.

I’m one of the very few people to stand behind their Training Plans on Training Peaks. I offer a Money Back Guarantee with all my training plans. If you are not happy with the programme for whatever reason touch base with me and I’ll make it right. If I can’t make it right (like you think my nose is crooked or my eyes funny) I’ll give you your money back.

Purchase the programme today for only $133* through Training Peaks and have it loaded directly into your Training Peaks account. Don’t have a Training Peaks account? Sign up for the free Basic Account today (and get upgraded to premium for your first 7 days). Use the discount code CR15 and I’ll give you a 15% discount.

*Training Peaks works in US currency and this price equates to ~NZ$11.40 per week on the current exchange rate.

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