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Month: October 2018

Lisa’s Journey, Week 19: Get your inspiration from… anywhere you can!!

Wooohoo, last week of school term!  I’m looking forward to turning the alarm off for two weeks! This weeks been a ‘meh’ week.  Friday came and it was time to take some deep breaths and clear my mind. So I…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Journey Begins!

Well actually that’s a lie. My journey started back in 2015 when I entered my first triathlon, the Slateman triathlon. This was a tough one to start with but It came highly recommended and a few friends already entered so…

Join the Qwik Kiwi Tribe for le Race in 2019 with a 24 week Training Plan

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.” When you’ve completed le Race, you will have accomplished something special. Designed for Intermediate cyclists who are looking to participate in le Race, the primary goal of this training plan is to prepare you to COMPLETE le Race FASTER than…

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