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Month: March 2019

Saturday Swim Session: Build 200’s to Develop Stamina

200’s a good distance to swim to build stamina, especially if the rest between is limited. This session is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes or people doing longer ocean swims.

Friday Fartlek Run: Neha’s Fartlek

Spending time running at VO2 Max intensity will help develop your ability to run longer at this intensity. This is a perfect for runners and triathletes running events up to 10km in distance.

Thursday Training Plan: Getting Started in RUNNING Training Plan (BEGINNER 4 weeks – Start Any Monday) 4 Weeks to 4km

In 4 weeks time when you run 4km, you will have accomplished something very special.
Designed for Beginner runners who are looking to get started and improve their fitness to run 4km, the primary goal of this training plan is to get you STARTED.

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Road Cycling UK’s Sweet Spot Session

Riding at your Sweet Spot will help develop your ability to time trial and to ride long climbs. This session will help you develop that and is great for all cyclists including triathletes and mountain bikers.

UltraHumps: Finding Qwik Kiwi Through Coach Ray

Hello team and welcome to my Blog. Before I get into future plans for myself with Coach Ray I have chosen to write a few blogs with a difference. Last week I wrote about “Can Ya Do An Ironman”, this week I will refer to a period where I lost focus completely and without even being a Client, Coach Ray got me to a finish line when stumbling across me at an Ironman event…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 43: Don’t Forget To Mix It Up A Little!

I loved reading Ali’s blog (Ali’s Adventure – The Female Athlete). It was timely, as I actually sat here thinking about chocolate and how I could possibly devour the packet of baking nibs in the baking cupboard. I’m a week…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Back At It!

First off I’ll start this blog with how the last one was. I was pretty fed up and grumpy last week. Lack of training, lack of sleep and BIG stress over an exam! Well I didn’t need to worry. I…

Ali’s Adventure – Persistence And Dedication Pays Off

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure and persistence. … Sometimes, you wonder whether the training is actually working. All the hours in the saddle, laps of the pool, miles on the trails. The days when…

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