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Month: July 2019

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Deja Fu test week!

Bit of a weird one this week really, I was hoping last week to have a successful test week for you. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and last week was a let-down! Training wise was pretty much non-existent and a…

Saturday Swim Session: 200m Paddles

Hand paddles are a great training tool to help develop strength by increasing the resistance on your hands as you swim. This session is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes or people doing longer Ocean Swims.

Friday Fartlek Run – Double Mona Fartlek

This is the perfect session to include after a base building phase of training when you have already included speed work into your training. Speed work is an important training session for all runners, as well as triathletes, to make you faster.

Clatters Chatter: Training Load

Ever wondered if you are training too much and pushing so hard all the time your body is always breaking! Or if you always feel you should do more, as your always full of energy? Training load is always important…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Frank Ovendon’s Tempo Intervals

This workout will develop your ability to ride solidly and become more efficient at buffering lactic acid before it builds to uncomfortable levels in your body. This is a perfect workout for road cyclists, as well as Mountain Bikers and triathletes.

UltraHumps: Time For A Break

Hi blog followers, and welcome to another blog from Qwik Kiwi’s UltraHumps (John Humphries). Don’t let the title confuse you, just let it capture your interest. No I am not taking a ‘break from Qwik Kiwi’ or a ‘break from…

Lisa’s Journey, Weeks 58/59: Holidays, Yahh!

Extending the blogs out to fortnightly for a bit, felt like it took the pressure off and allowed for a bit of breathing space… With the end of Term 2 winding up, I couldn’t wait to turn off the alarm,…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Its Test Week!

As the title suggests its test week this week, FTP test, CSS and 5k run time trial. I always dread this week but training has gone well and I’m feeling good! So here goes!

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