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Clatters Chatter: Thanks Ray

Some time must be taken to thank the people around you and all the hard work they have put in as a contribution towards you and others. Today I will be thanking Ray, for all his coaching so far and…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Evan’s Cycles FTP Increaser 2

Your FTP is your ability to sustain an effort for about an hour. Your long endurance riding is done at a percentage below this. If you Increase your FTP with intervals of this nature by default you also improve your ability to ride for longer. This is a perfect workout for for all cyclists including mountain bikers and triathletes.

UltraHumps – Back To Training In NZ

Hi Blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog under Coach Ray’s Website of www.coachray.nz Well as mentioned last week I am back in NZ and back into training in NZ conditions, yeah it’s spring so many will be loving…

Tuesday Kayak Training: 3x 5min Threshold Intervals

Threshold Intervals are a great way to develop your kayaking fitness. This session is great for building your threshold capability and is very time efficient if you have little time to be on the water. This session is perfect for someone training for the Coast to Coast

Saturday Swim Session: Emma-Kate Lidbury’s Swim Pyramids

Within this workout you’ll find a range of distances to give your body a great training stimulus. I’ll warn you in advance this IS a tough session. This session is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes or people doing longer Ocean Swims.

Friday Fartlek Run: Eliud Kipchoge’s Key Session before #INEOS159

Building consistency at race pace is an important skill for all runners regardless of race distance. This is a session Eliud Kipchoge did a few weeks ago in the build up to last weekends successful attempt to run a marathon in under 2 hours. This session is great for runners and triathletes running events up to Marathon distance and longer.

Clatters Chatter: Auckland Holiday

With lots of worldwide events that have just happened, I have tried my best to keep up with them whilst being away in Auckland. Recently the the 2 hour marathon barrier was broken by Eluid Kipchoge. Kona Ironman World Championships…

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