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Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Evan’s Cycles FTP Increaser 4

Your FTP is your ability to sustain an effort for about an hour. Your long endurance riding is done at a percentage below this. If you Increase your FTP with intervals of this nature by default you also improve your ability to ride for longer. This is a perfect workout for for all cyclists including mountain bikers and triathletes.

How to Prepare for the Buller Half, Full Marathon or Relay

n this FREE Webinar, Coach Ray will explain how to best prepare for the Buller Half and Full Marathon’s or the relay event.
Including setting training intensities to get the most out of your training, and how to structure your training to get your best result.

Tuesday Kayak Training: 4x 6min Threshold Intervals

Threshold Intervals are a great way to develop your kayaking fitness. This session is great for building your threshold capability and is very time efficient if you have little time to be on the water. This session is perfect for someone training for the Coast to Coast

Saturday Swim Session: Dierdre Kearney’s Tri Simulation Set

This session is a great combination of focusing on speed and physiological development. As well as technique and neurological development to enhance your swimming. This session is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes or people doing longer Ocean Swims.

Friday Fartlek Run: Linsey Corbin’s Go-To Kona Build Run

This session is a great way to increase your Threshold running pace. Lindsey Corbin uses a variation of this workout once she arrives in Kona each year, she runs this session out on the run course and goes through the infamous Energy Lab. This is a great workout for someone training for a half to full marathon (whether part of an Ironman or 70.3).

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