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Month: March 2020

Gene’s Ironman Journey: From Zero to Hero

12 months ago I decide to do an Ironman, the problem was, I couldn’t swim and didn’t own a bike. How hard can it really be? Initially, I decide to train myself, I jumped on the internet and downloaded a plan…easy as!
About two weeks in to “coaching” myself I realised there was more to it than just swimming, biking and running a few times randomly throughout a week. It was time to consult a professional.
I contacted Ray who had been recommended to me by a friend, this is when things really started to take shape.

Saturday Swim Session: Sprints for Speed

Swimming short reps with a good rest can develop your speed and swimming them with short rests can develop your endurance. Put lots together within the one workout with a mixture of rest and you can develop speed, endurance and speed endurance. This session is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes or people doing longer Ocean Swims.

Friday Fartlek Run: Marek’s Multi-Pace Session

Running at race pace provides a training stimulus that allows your body to get accustomed to that intensity. Marek does that in this session with a variety of paces to provide your body with a range of training stimuli. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events up to and over the full Marathon in distance.

Chef Ray – Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower is ridiculously simple to make and is a great substitute for rice if you are following a paleo or keto diet. If you aren’t following one of these diets that also make a delicious substitute.

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