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Thursday Training Plan – Big NZ Halves and Full Marathon’s

With New Year’s behind us, it’s time to knuckle down with your training if you are preparing for any of the Marathons or Half Marathons in the New Zealand Autumn.

Christchurch Marathon & Half Marathon is held on 11th April this year (during the school holidays), the Waterfront Half is also held on the same day in Mission Bay. On the 8th May is both the Rotorua Marathon & Half Marathon and the Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon. The following weekend is the Hawkes Bay Marathon & Half Marathon.

Here at Qwik Kiwi Coaching we’ve got training plans and programmes to help you achieve your goals at these events. Built into the membership portal of the Qwik Kiwi website are training plans for these events.

Coach Ray
  • 12 weeks – Christchurch Marathon & Half Marathon (starts 18th January)
  • 12 weeks – Waterfront Half Marathon (starts 18th January)
  • 16 weeks – Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon (starts 18th January)
    • Join Coach Ray at this event
  • 16 weeks – Rotorua Marathon & Half Marathon (starts 18th January)
  • 18 weeks – Hawkes Bay Marathon & Half Marathon (starts 11th January)
  • 20 weeks – Kaiteriteri to Mapua (K2M) Marathon & Half Marathon (starts 18th January)

Choose from a range of training plans for these events. Variations for your ability, and how often you can commit to training each week. Also options to include strength or cross training into your programme.

As a member you will be rewarded with the absolute lowest price I will ever off these training plans for.

This membership includes ALL my event training plans. You can pick and choose between them. If you are training for a marathon and are doing it 12 weeks after a half marathon that is in 10 weeks time. Start off with the 10 week half marathon plan and then load in the 12 week marathon training plan.

Training Plans available for beginner and recreational athletes for:

  • All distances of Triathlon (including both Ironman and Ironman 70.3);
  • Full and Half Marathon’s, 5km & 10km running events;
  • Century and 40km TT cycle events;
  • Mountain Biking events and tours;
  • Swim training plans;
  • Strength training; and
  • Getting started with both swimming and running.

Normally I charge $547/month for my coaching but you’ll get the advantage of 

  • A dedicated training plan on Training Tilt (value $547)
  • Access to a fortnightly group coaching call (value $30 per call x2 = $60)
  • The event Training Bible (value $37 for each event plan)
  • Access to my Eat Well service (value $153)
  • Access to my popular Top 10 Healthy RecipeseBook ($41)
  • Access to a range of my popular eBooks (total value $114)
  • The dedicated Coach Ray / Qwik Kiwi Coaching support group (priceless)
  • Garmin .FIT files for all run and bike workouts (cherished by Garmin users)
  • Zwift .ZWO files for all bike workouts (worth it’s weight in gold for Zwift users)

That’s a total value of over $952, and you will only pay $127 per month. Saving you over $825. All at no risk, if you don’t get faster in the first 30 days you get a full 100% money back guarantee.

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