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Tuesday Training Plan: 8 week Spin Fitness Training Plan

This is a great training plan to build your cycling fitness over 8 weeks. Whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, Zwift or Peloton user or wanting to use a spin bike for general fitness.

Whether you want to improve your fitness during a second COVID lockdown or build your fitness before the New year; the 8 week Spin Fitness Training Plans will help you take your fitness level to new heights.

There are a number of options for these Training Plans within the training spectrum depending on how long and the frequency of your normally rides.

Options based on how long you currently ride for:

  • less than 30 minutes,
  • 30-40 minutes,
  • 40-50 minutes,
  • 50-60 minutes, or
  • more than an hour.

As well as options for riding 3, 4, 5 or in some cases 6 times per week, to optimise your fitness over the next 8 weeks.

After you’ve completed this 8 week block you can adapt to a more specific plan to target a specific event or specific goal.

Normally I charge $500/month for my coaching but you’ll get the advantage of 

  • A dedicated training plan on Training Tilt (value $500)
  • Access to a fortnightly group coaching call (value $30 per call x2 = $60)
  • The event Training Bible (value $37 for each event plan)
  • Access to my Eat Well service (value $153)
  • Access to my popular Top 10 Healthy RecipeseBook ($41)
  • Access to a range of my popular eBooks (total value $114)
  • The dedicated Coach Ray / Qwik Kiwi Coaching support group (priceless)
  • Garmin .FIT files for all run and bike workouts (cherished by Garmin users)

That’s a total value of over $905, and you will only pay $127 per month. Saving you over $778. All at no risk, if you don’t get faster in the first 30 days you get a full 100% money back guarantee.


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Ray has competed in triathlons from sprint to ironman distance (both IM Taupo and Challenge Wanaka). Consequently he is aware of the importance of balancing training with lifestyle, thus complimenting other important aspects of an athlete’s life (family, work, study commitments etc…). • Entering your first triathlon? • Stepping up to a longer distance? • Looking to go faster? • Wanting to turn previous negatives into positives? Ray has coached athletes to achieve these and more. Training programmes are accessible online, so athletes can be located anywhere and still reap the benefits of Ray’s coaching. Contact him to discuss how he can assist you to achieve your goals.
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