Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 20 March 2016

Each Sunday I’ll post my ‘best of’ list in a number of categories from the inter-webs. Other weeks can be found here.

Technology/Equipment Blogs

DC Rainmaker’s Spring (Autumn in NZ) review of all things related to Power Meters.

Training/Racing Blogs

How to pace a marathon by the grandfather of marathon coaching Hal Higdon.

Athlete Blogs

Cameron Brown’s race report on Ironman NZ and becoming the first person to win an Ironman event 12 times.

Nutrition Blogs

We are getting close to winter and that means that cold and flu season is on it’s way. Use garlic to fight off colds and the flu.

Dr Libby destroys three food and nutrition myths.


NZ Post’s new advertisement featuring the boys at Wheelworks.

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