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ULTRAHUMPS – Match Unfit!

Hi blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog in association with Coach Ray’s website of Whilst recently being overseas with work for several months I trained everyday, albeit with a minor foot injury that would prove to be…

Clatters Chatter: Racing Time

Yes another race! Last Sunday I completed the Nelson Half Marathon, despite being ill and sick for the build up. I never gave up and tried to keep pushing the whole way as hard as I could.

Clatters Chatter: Thanks Ray

Some time must be taken to thank the people around you and all the hard work they have put in as a contribution towards you and others. Today I will be thanking Ray, for all his coaching so far and…

UltraHumps – Back To Training In NZ

Hi Blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog under Coach Ray’s Website of Well as mentioned last week I am back in NZ and back into training in NZ conditions, yeah it’s spring so many will be loving…

UltraHumps – Kiaora Aotearoa!

Kiaora blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog under Coach Ray’s Website of Well my time overseas of six months which turned into seven months has come to an end, I have now escaped the heat which was…

Clatters Chatter: Just Over 3 Weeks Left

Only three weeks until the Nelson Half begins, training has been going well, in preparation for the event. I am getting ever more excited as the event gets closer. I really want to do well!

Clatters Chatter: School Holidays

School holidays have started, meaning a bit more sleep, more work and more quality training. For these school holidays we only have 6 weeks left until our school exams start in the second week of November. So today I will…

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