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UltraHumps – Ironman NZ 2020 As A Volunteer!

Ironman 2019 was on the weekend I was to commence travel for my deployment overseas, whilst I could of completed it in Taupo and then headed to Auckland Airport, it obviously wouldn’t have been fair on my family. Upon return from deployment several months later, I knew I would be to unfit to do Ironman 2020. Being a stubborn git I know I could of still made it to the finish line, for the free Finishers T-Shirt after all, but elected to give something back to the event that changed my life and still provides a focus to train for each year.

ULTRAHUMPS – Match Unfit!

Hi blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog in association with Coach Ray’s website of CoachRay.nz. Whilst recently being overseas with work for several months I trained everyday, albeit with a minor foot injury that would prove to be…

UltraHumps – Back To Training In NZ

Hi Blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog under Coach Ray’s Website of www.coachray.nz Well as mentioned last week I am back in NZ and back into training in NZ conditions, yeah it’s spring so many will be loving…

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