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Functional Threshold Power

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Nate Wilson’s Sub-Threshold/Sweet Spot Workout #1

Sweet Spot is an intensity that is just below your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). At this intensity you get the physiological benefits without the level of the fatigue of higher intensity sessions. This session is great for all cyclists including triathletes and mountain bikers.

Make BIG Gains with Your FTP, by Training SMART

In this FREE webinar I will take you through the sessions and development required to improve your FTP Qwikly and Simply.Register now to learn what you should be including in your training and why. This will give you the greatest benefit to enhance your training and knowledge.

How to Incorporate BOOST Training Into Your Cycle Training

Want to BOOST your FTP or cycling fitness in a short period of time? Join this webinar to find out how incorporating BOOST training and recovery into your training regime can surge your cycling fitness and kick start a programme.

Thursday Training Plan: Faster Cycling Tour de France Challenge

Want to get fitter and faster and improve your FTP over the duration of the Tour de France? This programme is designed for cyclists of all abilities that want to improve their FTP.

Thursday Training Plan: Cycling FTP Power Boost Training Plan (Intermediate 16 week Plan)

As you work your way through this training programme you’ll build your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). With regular FTP tests every 4 weeks you’ll be able to measure and see your progress.
Designed for Intermediate cyclists and triathletes who have at least 16 weeks prior to their event. This plan is to prepare you to COMPETE in YOUR event at a higher level than you previously have.

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: Its Test Week!

Test week Success Well test week is upon me! It’s been six weeks since I started training with Ray and in all honestly it has flown. This week I’ve had the same 3 tests Ray gave me on the first…

Thursday Training Plan – 6 Week Functional Threshold Power (FTP) CYCLING Training Plan

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.” Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a key determinant of cycling fitness. By enhancing your FTP by definition you will be a fitter, faster cyclist. You will increase your FTP by ~14.8% by following this…

FREE How to Enhance your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Over Winter WEBINAR

Learn about the key sessions you should include into your winter training to get to spring in good form ready for the summer season. We will look at how to enhance your FTP over winter, including: – Benefits of training…

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