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Ali’s Adventure

Ali’s Adventure – Nutrition Update

Since February this year, after a bout of something dodgy I picked up in Wanaka, I have struggled to eat certain foods. The GP said I probably had a stomach bug that might have damaged the cilia (gut lining) of…

Ali’s Adventure – Mixing Things Up

The weather has been pretty amazing leading into autumn with it being dry and sunny here at the top of the South. I’ve dragged in a few friends recently to tag along on some of my easy runs and rides. …

Ali’s Adventure: Specificity Of Training

The closer I get to racing the more specific I try and get my sessions, particularly as the next race is on gravel. Trying to get as many bike sessions out on the trail and even better on sections of…

Ali’s Adventure – Mud Glorious Mud

It has been challenging to get all the training in this week with kids in tow. The evenings and mornings are so dark and I have been lacking the enthusiasm to get up at the usual 6:30am. 

Ali’s Adventure – Mental Tenacity

Drought, then rain. The trails are open, but it’s so wet you need goggles out there. So inside the ‘Training Cave’ it is. Day one, novelty factor. i-Pad and some good music to get me through. No head winds and…

Ali’s Adventure – Balancing The Parent Thingy

I have my two amazing daughters 50/50 with their dad and it’s hard. I miss them.  They truly are my everything. I enjoy being a mum more than anything in this world and it’s the thing I am most proud of accomplishing in my entire life. When I was first thrown into this situation, it was very trying.  The weeks without them seemed to take forever to go by. As time has gone on, I now look at the weeks without them as the weeks I can go ‘big’ on training.

Ali’s Adventure – Endurance on LCHF

When I was down in Wanaka in January, I picked up a nasty stomach bug. About a week of stomach cramps and not being able to eat anything more exciting than melon and scrambled eggs. Since then I have really struggled to eat anything that resembles carbohydrates, and this is a problem as I am a Vogels and Pics Peanut butter girl as pre-training fuel.

Ali’s Adventure – K2M: When Life Throws You Lemons Make a Gin & Tonic

Just when you think all your training is going well, life throws you a lemon or a few. However I can still remember a friend telling me that if life does throw you the odd lemon, well, make a gin…

Ali’s Adventure – Kaiteri to Mapua (K2M) Racing On Gravel

It’s been a wee while since I was given a training programme, being in a ‘racing stable’ under the guidance of a coach was BK (before kids). Having previously been a well oiled training machine, I’m now 40+ and two…

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