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Tuesday Training Plan: Triathlon Bike/Run Beginner 16 week programme (currently riding 2hr & running 1hr)

This bike & run programme will see you improve your overall cycling and running fitness in 16 weeks time.
The programme is designed to be conducted in conjunction with a swim programme (available through Qwik Kiwi Coaching or if you are training with your local Master’s or other swim squad).

Book of the Month June – Your Best Triathlon

Your Best Triathlon – Advanced Training for Serious Triathletes
Joe Friel’s writing style is easy to read and he explains training concepts concisely with examples that are easy for most triathletes to relate to.

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Olympic Race Report

Where do I start with this. What a race venue and race Epic Events have put on with this race. It was the 8th addition and is a triathlon England National Championship, an ETU standard distance qualifier for the ETU…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Its Race Time, Again!

Well its race time! It feels quite strange saying that this year as last year I only did two races all year and this year im doing two in the first month of the season! And I cant wait.

FREE Strength Training For Triathletes WEBINAR

Join this webinar to find out: Who should include strength training within their programme. How to periodise your strength training. What is involved in strength training specific for triathletes.

Thursday Training Plan: Triathlon Strength Training Plan

Want to get fitter and stronger for triathlon? This strength and conditioning programme requires standard gym equipment and can be done at almost any gym. Designed for triathletes who are beginner/intermediate level of experience with strength and conditioning who are looking to develop your strength as…

Ironman Training Shared Articles

Quarter IronMaori a success

  A capacity field took part in the IronMaori Quarter Ironman held in good conditions in Napier this morning. About 2,100 competitors competed as individuals or in teams of three in the event which consisted of a 1km swim in…

Epiphany sparks 60kg weight loss journey to Ironman contention

Ashley Te Whare was pretending to check his phone for messages when he decided something had to change. He was surrounded by people in Auckland’s Queen St and was actually standing still because he was struggling to catch his breath….

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