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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Holiday Week!

As the title suggests I’ve just come back from an amazing 10 days in Turkey. All inclusive food and beer doesn’t usually end well with me and I often over do it like most would. Haha.

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Test Week!

Before I go into test week I just want to briefly bring back my last week’s blog! Well I could come up with all the excuses but what’s the point, I don’t want to hear them and I’m sure you…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: ITS KONA WEEK!

Nothing more exciting than Kona week for a triathlete, its race week writing this blog and if an age grouper can’t get motivation from watching the best in the world slog it out, nothing will!

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Thanking Ray

This week I needed to give my head a slight wobble come Monday morning. After two missed, KEY sessions Saturday and Sunday. You guessed it, the long bike and long run. I was really fed up with how things were…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Things are getting exciting!

Not got much to report in terms of training this week, it was just a case of business as usual. Really happy to getting back to consistent training and the bike feels much better now I’m training in my current…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Getting back into the swing of things!

As the title of this blog suggests, that’s what this week’s blog is about really. It’s the first week after test week where I am back to “proper” training. From what I’ve mentioned before this block up until my holiday…

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: The Off Season!

It’s officially the off season for me now all the races are over for 2019. After speaking to Ray after my race last week and he said train how and whenever you want just don’t add intensity. I was like…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Race Report

Im a little bit late getting this written and sent over to Ray. Reason being I was hoping to write a positive race report from the final race of the year. Read below to find out how it all went!

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic:Forget the talk, now its about actions!

I’ve been talking and thinking a lot about training, how my training is going and how I can improve it. I talk a lot about consistency about sessions, my training and highs and lows of weeks. I have big ambitions…

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