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Julians Berry Farm and Cafe Tois Challenge

Rebecca Runs: What a Winner Looks Like

Me. A winner looks just like me. And it’s not because I won. I didn’t. It’s not because I’m only taking my medal off to shower this week. It’s also not just because I’m one of those damned millennials (“The…

Rebecca Run’s: Great Runs in Waikato, Coromandel and BoP

So as the weeks have gone by and I’ve become a famous inspirational blogger to runners that hate running (when does the internet start paying me for this btw?). I’ve found this blogging business to be a tough gig. Possibly…

Rebecca Run’s: Ups & Downs (and Tunnels Too)

These last couple of weeks have been full of ups and downs. I found a nearly-new pair of sweet boots at the Sallies for $5. Then I got blisters in said shoes. Big meaty blisters which genuinely prevented me from…

Rebecca Run’s: How To Be A “Serious” Runner (Or At Least Appear To Be One For Temporary Periods Of Time)

So this week was about embracing “serious” running. Being a “serious” runner. What does it take? What does it look like, sound like, feel like? Who can be a “serious” runner? Who can’t? Here’s what my research has uncovered and…

Rebecca Run’s: Princess Highway

It was back to work this week. So depressing after my week in Melbourne. Actually, I quite like my job most of the time and my boss is so cool and clever and beautiful and not that short (yes, she’s…

Rebecca Runs: Melbourne in the Morning

I spent this past week in Melbourne with my 4 year old daughter, visiting family, shopping and doing general touristy things. I also ran. Once. And it was a pretty awesome way to explore the city.

Rebecca Runs: Crisis Averted

So I almost reached a crisis point on my journey this week. My passport arrived and the photo (which I trusted my husband to take) was next-level horrendous. I was almost confronted with the uncomfortable reality that I am chubby….

Thursday Training Plan – Tois Challenge 18km Trail Run

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.” One of Whakatāne’s iconic annual events this is a multi-terrain 18km loop on the beautiful coastal Nga Tapuwae o Toi track, organised by the Whakatane Athletic and Harrier Club. Tois Challenge 18km course follows…

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