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Buller Gorge Marathon

Thursday Training Plan – 12 week Buller Half Marathon Training Plan

The Buller Half & Full Marathon is arguably the most scenic half and full marathon in New Zealand. When you cross the finish line you will have achieved something special at this great event.

How to Prepare for the Buller Half, Full Marathon or Relay

n this FREE Webinar, Coach Ray will explain how to best prepare for the Buller Half and Full Marathon’s or the relay event.
Including setting training intensities to get the most out of your training, and how to structure your training to get your best result.

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning

This weeks blog takes it’s name from a song by an obscure 90’s band (if you are interested I’ll link to a live recording of it at the end of the blog). A number of things have influenced this post…

Coach Ray’s Suffering: What Went Wrong with my Buller Marathon?

Last week I wrote about how my Buller marathon went. In summary, it started really well and I was trucking along comfortably on target then the wheels fell off about the 26km mark. This left me to struggle though the…

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