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June Client of the Month: John Humphries

After finishing the hardest endurance event of my life of Ultraman Australia, a total of 515 km, of swimming 10 km, cycling 420 km, and running 84.3 km, with Coach Ray beside me every step of the way, either in the support vehicle, running beside me, or pacing up and down the beach, while I completed the swim with my 12-year-old safety paddler Lily, I knew I wanted to write an article about my journey with Qwik Kiwi, not just to thank Ray Boardman and his athletes who supported my journey all the way, but to possibly encourage others who are seeking a Coach and to tell them about my journey with Qwik Kiwi.

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From Timor to Tauranga

I was posted to Timor-Leste with the NZ Army and had completed three Ironman events where I completely self-coached with no idea what I was doing and finishing results that said as much.  Two of these events I had trained and competed in whilst on holiday leave from Timor.  I quickly realised that if I wanted to be committed to the sport that had changed my life around, I needed to take it seriously and sign up with a coach.  There are plenty of coaches to look for online or cheekily obtain a training programme online, but I had already made up my mind that Ray Boardman was the coach I wanted from Qwik Kiwi.

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