Navigation Practise For Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge Training

Yesterday I went for a bit of an explore around the Richmond Hills and set up a navigation course for my partner’s Spring Challenge Team, putting 5 orienteering markers up in the hills. I had originally planned six locations but when I was putting them out I realised one was going to be on the Sylvan side of the fence where they are doing logging operations. Continue reading “Navigation Practise For Spring Challenge”

#4daysofadventure – Day Two

MtB Coaching NZ

Hot Lap around Silvan Forest

MtB Coaching NZWith plenty of jobs to do around the house and much needed recovery after the 10,000 step ups we did yesterday. We decided to do a hot lap in the morning of Silvan Forest. With it being just down the road and new tracks now open that I haven’t ridden before, we got stuck in.

Rach set a cracking pace up Alpha and I struggled to stay in contact at times. The trail conditions were pretty good considering the recent rain we have had. There were only a couple of sections that were thick mud.

Having taken Alpha all the way from the start to the top we crossed over and rode Exodus, joining on to Jubilee Gum before hitting the top of Goliath.

Goliath has to be my favourite short downhill track. It’s all done and dusted in only a few minutes and this YouTube video doesn’t do the perspective justice.

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Summary of today’s ride.

Max altitude: 272 m

Starting altitude: 72 m

Distance: 12.3 km

Altitude gained: 308 m

Duration of ride: 1 hr 3 min