UltraHumps – Attention To Detail

Tri Training NZ

Hi Blog Followers – Well a big week of training this week with Coach Ray focusing on sprint training in the Pool and some long reps of high intensity Running and hill work on the Bike.  I had to laugh (as did the rest of the swimming pool no doubt) as in between the series of sprints in the Pool, Coach Ray had me doing Individual Medley, which one of the activities is Butterfly.  A guy called Ed who has given me some swim tips and is an amazing swimmer, just happened to arrive right on cue as I was performing butterfly on the way back towards him.  He said “what the hell was that”, I said “a Tsunami” which he didn’t disagree.  The H20 Pool is having the roof replaced so there was ‘caution cones’ at the end of the Pool, well just at the end of my lane, the Air Force guy swimming in my lane with me said “the caution cone and caution tape is their for your butterfly attempt”. Continue reading “UltraHumps – Attention To Detail”

UltraHumps: Receiving Inspiration From Others

Ironman Training

Hi Blog Followers and welcome,

Training went relatively well this week for the majority, but not on Wednesday.  I call it the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! And always report as such to Coach Ray to analyse and plan, although I always feel I am letting him down more than myself when training is not up to speed.  So how did it all go… Continue reading “UltraHumps: Receiving Inspiration From Others”

UltraHumps: Health Improvement

Ultraman Coach

Hi Blog followers and welcome to another addition of my journey towards 3+2+1=Charity.

As you would of seen I had a refreshing break in Rarotonga which gave the batteries a chance to recharge, not just on the personal front but also on the professional front.  Although I couldn’t sit still in Raro, as without training I become that twitchy guy who needs to get out and burn some energy, so I managed to do some training in Rarotonga as reported in last weeks blog. Continue reading “UltraHumps: Health Improvement”

UltraHumps: Time for a Break

Ultraman Coaching

beach-beachfront-deluxe - CopyHi blog followers

Firstly, apologies for not sending a blog last week.  I was overseas on holiday. My partner and I headed to Rarotonga for a much needed break from our respective work.  This was a chance to refresh and unwind.

My plan was to do next to no training, but I simply couldn’t sit still. Coach Ray gave me some training options to consider.  I did some and did some other activities with my partner. On Day 1 we hired a couple of mountain bikes and rode around the Island of Rarotonga which was 31.4 kilometres. We rode in a clockwise direction noticing that the two bus routes in Raro are doing laps in either a clockwise direction or anti-clockwise direction. It was warm weather – relatively mild.  Being the end of August it wasn’t all hot and sticky like the tropics normally are. Of course though we got caught up in a tropical rain, which was refreshing albeit wet through in our T-Shirts and shorts. Continue reading “UltraHumps: Time for a Break”

UltraHumps: Wild Weather and Training Later in the Day

Tri Training NZ

Hi Blog followers

Well another week and another week of completing training without disruption, as we head towards the six events of 1306 kilometres for Charity.

The storm the previous weekend (6-7 Aug 2016) in Hawkes Bay was an interesting way to see that week out with no option but to hit my LeMond Revolution Exercycle in the garage to avoid the gales, downpour, coupled with thunder and lightning and the occasional snow flurry, but this Blog is about this weeks training.

I managed to ensure I completed all the training on the allocated days that Coach Ray scheduled. This allowed maximum recovery between each session.  It also allows Coach Ray to monitor how my body performs with double sessions i.e. AM and a PM session on particular days, the brick session of two disciplines back to back, and the longer training sessions on different days of specific disciplines. Continue reading “UltraHumps: Wild Weather and Training Later in the Day”

UltraHumps: Reflections from Ultraman

Ultraman Training

Hi Blog followers

Another week closer with training for the infamous 3 + 2 + 1 = Charity – this being a total of 6 events covering 1306 kilometres, of which the breakdown is roughly 23 kilometres of swimming, 1051 kilometres of cycling and 232 kilometres of Running, plus god knows how many kilometres of each discipline Coach Ray will have me covering in training. Continue reading “UltraHumps: Reflections from Ultraman”

UltraHumps – Training Challenges

Ultraman Training

Hi Team

Welcome to Blog # 4 as we travel the journey with Qwik Kiwi’s Coach Ray to prepare me for the biggest challenge of my life to date the 3+2+1= Charity.

To refresh your memory, as even I struggle to comprehend it sometimes lol…

The 3 = 3 Half Ironman events over 3 consecutive weekends (IronMaori on 3 December 2016, Taupo 70.3 on 10 December 2016  and Rotorua Half Ironman on 17 December 2016).

The 2 = 2 Ironman distance events over 2 weeks being Challenge Wanaka on 18 February 2017 and Ironman New Zealand in Taupo on 4 March 2017.

The 1 = 1 Ultraman event over 1 long weekend being Ultraman Australia (13-15 May 2017).

The distances equate to 1306 kilometres in total, all in the name of charity where I continue to fundraise for the children left behind from the Fallen Heroes.

Continue reading “UltraHumps – Training Challenges”