Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 15 May 16

Each Sunday I’ll post my ‘best of’ list in a number of categories from the inter-webs. Other weeks can be found here.

Technology/Equipment Blogs

What are the pro teams using for Time Trials at the Giro d’Italia.

What is the best Power Meter? What features will you need?

Garmin have released a new GPS watch.

Training/Racing Blogs

What does it take to win the North American 70.3 Championships? Here is a summary of the race data from the men’s race winner.–two-defending-champions-return.html

Christchurch Marathon and Half Marathon are shaping up to be a great events this year, with defending champions returning.

How to balance out your swim stroke.

Nutrition Blogs

Nutritional tips and recipes to enhance your recovery from training and racing.


Training Intensity


How do you know what intensity you should be training at? At different training intensities your body will receive different training effects. What level is right for what?

There are a number of ways you can measure training intensity from very precise methods such as using power for cycling, pace training for running, heart rate (HR) training for either, or a subjective method such as utilising the Borg Scale. Continue reading “Training Intensity”