Rebecca Runs – Pies, Priorities & Procrastination

So after my first blog was published, Whakatāne Harriers got in touch and gushed about it, shared it on their Facebook page, and invited me to an interclub event today (Sunday, 19 August 2018). The way I read it, I’m pretty much a celebrity now. Which means I can never – EVER – actually go to an event. They’ll be so disappointed.

Anyway, I had a pretty dismal week on the running front. But I’m a human-being and it’s important not to forget that. Continue reading “Rebecca Runs – Pies, Priorities & Procrastination”

Rebecca Runs: Got The Runs

I haven’t actually [got the runs]. What I had was a vision of myself doing something as ridiculous as completing the Toi’s Challenge – an 18km course across town, bush, beach and farmland. Perhaps it was a forgotten dream even, kindled when I finished a rather slow leg of the relay last year and saw all the other inspiring finishers.   Anyway, mostly I just like free stuff and I had a one-chance-only-offer to accept a free ticket from work that came with the conditions of training (should be helpful) and that I had to document the journey in an inspiring way.  So I took it and like most ideas that I have, it was exciting for a moment or so, but unlike other fleeting ideas of mine, this time I’m stuck. Committed. For the next three-and-a-half months anyway. Continue reading “Rebecca Runs: Got The Runs”

Thursday Training Plan – Tois Challenge 18km Trail Run

Training Plan

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.”

One of Whakatāne’s iconic annual events this is a multi-terrain 18km loop on the beautiful coastal Nga Tapuwae o Toi track, organised by the Whakatane Athletic and Harrier Club. Tois Challenge 18km course follows the ‘Nga Tapuwai o Toi’ track, which literally means ‘In the Footsteps of Toi’, after the Maori chief Toi who ruled the area some 800 years ago. The trail twists up and down steep coastal hills and along two beautiful beaches, through stunning bush, up and down hundreds of steps, eased by stunning views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean and distant islands. Once you reach the finish line you will have achieved something very special. Continue reading “Thursday Training Plan – Tois Challenge 18km Trail Run”