Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Highs & The Lows!

The week started with a good chat with Ray. Planning the week ahead and looking at what needs to be done. I’m noticing more and more each week I don’t actually have “key” sessions anymore. They are all key in their own way, and this week is no different.

My running is really coming on now, it’s by far my weakest discipline and still is, but to think 8 weeks ago I was running with no focus and plodding most my sessions around 4 miles, that this week I would put in two of my best ever runs is pretty unbelievable! Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Highs & The Lows!”

Thursday Training Plan: Going from Taupo 70.3 to Ironman?

Ironman Taupo

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.”

When you cross the finish line of your Ironman NZ, you will have accomplished something very special. You will have completed Taupo 70.3 and stepped up and completed Ironman NZ.

Designed for Intermediate triathletes who are looking to complete Ironman NZ, the primary goal of this training plan is to continue to IMPROVE your fitness from where you were at for the 70.3. Continue reading “Thursday Training Plan: Going from Taupo 70.3 to Ironman?”

UltraHumps: Time for Some Recovery


Hi blog followers

Welcome to my blog as I continue my journey towards the Cameron Brown Award and IronMaori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series.

This week Coach Ray had planned my training based on recovery after finishing the IronMaori Half Ironman. I always enjoy the recovery and tapering weeks, as it is not only a lower intensity to my normal standard training, but a refreshing break. However the week didn’t necessarily go to plan. Just prior to the IronMaori Half Ironman I had let Coach Ray know my left thigh was strained and constantly felt tight. Due to having historical calf strains Coach Ray has always had me running to a formula of 9/1 which means running for 9 minutes and walking for 1 minute. This has worked a treat and I haven’t had calf strains for years. However I found with my tight thigh the discomfort increased every time I restarted running for the 9 minutes after the 1 minute of walking. So for the IronMaori Half Ironman I just set a pace I knew I could maintain and ran throughout without stopping to ease the discomfort, which worked well. Having got through the event with relative minor discomfort, I thought with a couple of days off my thigh would be right.  This was not to be. As soon as I started my recovery week my tight thigh reduced my running to an incredibly slower pace. After letting Coach Ray know, he changed the game plan and substituted my run sessions with cycling. I was frustrated with myself, but that’s life and I’m not exactly 21 anymore, so injuries will occur. Continue reading “UltraHumps: Time for Some Recovery”

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: another week gone!

These weeks are flying by!  It only seems like yesterday I was writing last week’s article, which got me thinking that I best get the races booked for 2019.  After all it will soon be Christmas!

Before I started training with Ray I had my plans set on a few races so I wanted to share with you two of them that are firmly booked and paid for with no turning back! Continue reading “Mikes Middle Distance Magic: another week gone!”