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Training and Racing with a Power Meter

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: All Green!

This blog is going out late to Ray and late to all of you. Sorry about that! I just really wanted to wait till last minute to get this blog out for obvious reasons from the title!

Book of the Month April – Training & Racing With A Power Meter

Allen, Hunter; Coggan, Andrew; McGregor, Stephen (2019) Training and Racing With A Power Meter – 3rd Edition VeloPress

This book is the latest edition of the very popular book that set the standard for information for how to Train and Race with a Power Meter. Stephen McGregor, joins the authorship team and this book is released later this month on the 17th. I’ve owned both previous editions and I’ll be getting this edition too.

Top 10 Gifts For Triathletes

With the lead in to Christmas well on the way and Christmas decorations starting to go up (I’ve even heard my first Christmas Carol), it’s time to look at what are my picks for the ten best gifts for triathletes.

Book Review

Coach Ray’s Top 10 Coaching Books

As part of my coaching I have a number of go to coaching books that assist me with planning and preparing training programmes for the athletes I work with. This is my Top 10 list of coaching books. 1. Fitzgerald,…

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