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Ali’s Adventure – The Female Athlete

This is not a sob story post, or an icky post. More of a ‘understand your own physiology’ post. As a woman trying to train to the best of my ability, it has been important to learn a few things about how my body is affected by monthly hormone changes (more so now I’m into the 40+ category) and how that in turn affects how and when I can train, and the adaptations I have to make during the different phases. In addition to that, I have recently learnt about nutrition and the female body, and how vital this can really be week to week.

Join the Tribe: Ocean Swim Fiji

Are you joining the Ocean Swim Fiji experience with three 1km or 3km swims over three days in the tranquil Fijian waters? Jump on board the Qwik Kiwi Tribe and prepare for your event with a structured periodised programme to…

Thursday Training Plan: The Big Tahuna 3km OCEAN SWIM Training Plan (BEGINNER 12 Week Plan Starts 08-JAN-18)

With the Big Tahuna 3km Ocean Swim rapidly approaching, I’ve got a programme for athletes wanting to complete it.  This programme starts on the 8 January 2018 and will take you right through to the The Big Tahuna on the 31 March 2018.

Coach Ray’s Suffering: Dilemmas & Wairua Warrior Training

I’ve still got no idea what I’ll do next. I’m keen to get up to Rotorua and offer to pace the marathon as I have done many times. I want to do the Christchurch marathon and/or the Wellington or Nelson…

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