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Lisa’s Journey, Weeks 58/59: Holidays, Yahh!

Extending the blogs out to fortnightly for a bit, felt like it took the pressure off and allowed for a bit of breathing space… With the end of Term 2 winding up, I couldn’t wait to turn off the alarm,…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 50: The ‘Golden Week’

I have found this week pretty enjoyable. I walked plenty and enjoyed it. Glenorchy is a small wee place, but it is cool because everything is within walking distance. The weather has been somewhat settled for the most part. This…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 49: Do What Makes You Happy!

Okay, so this week regarding specific training, my ‘Training Peaks wheel’ looks like a giant stop sign!! Or for those of you with a sweet tooth, a giant red lollipop. You don’t want red lollipops however, you want green ones.

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