Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Bringing the speed!

Bringing the speed!

After the test week last week I’ll be honest – my legs were in bits, haha. I was elated and worried about the results I produced. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the Brownlee brothers will be sweating yet, but for me it was a big jump in fitness that I wasn’t expecting so soon with my time with Ray. I analyse my training quite a bit so all weekend I was looking at my new training zones and comparing my current training to what Ray had planned for me this week. Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Bringing the speed!”

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Don’t Dwell on the Red!

Anybody that is a user of Training Peaks will understand this – briefly red is a failed session, amber is partly completed and green is a fully achieved session. Well I’ve quite often dwelled on missed sessions and never really looked at the bigger picture!

For myself in the past I feel I have always looked backwards and never forward. This has been a big problem for me as once one session has been missed this generally spirals into two, three or more sessions resulting in a “non” training week and massive inconsistencys in my training. Therefore as mentioned in my previous post my training has never really progressed and my fitness has just stagnated and never really improved. Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Don’t Dwell on the Red!”

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Journey Begins!

Well actually that’s a lie. My journey started back in 2015 when I entered my first triathlon, the Slateman triathlon. This was a tough one to start with but It came highly recommended and a few friends already entered so I thought what the heck! This was a big eye opener to triathlon and I loved it! They say once you do your first triathlon, you get the bug. Well I did and the “bug” hit hard but I was far from a triathlete! Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Journey Begins!”

Thursday Training Plan: 24 Week Intermediate 70.3/Half Ironman Training Plan

Half Ironman Training Plan

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.”

70.3 Training PlanWhen you cross the finish line of the 70.3/Half Ironman, you will have accomplished something very special.

Designed for Intermediate triathletes who are looking to complete their 70.3/Half Ironman event faster than previously, the primary goal of this training plan is to prepare you to COMPLETE YOUR event FASTER than before. Continue reading “Thursday Training Plan: 24 Week Intermediate 70.3/Half Ironman Training Plan”

Thursday Training Plan – 6 Week Functional Threshold Power (FTP) CYCLING Training Plan

Windtrainer Session

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.”

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a key determinant of cycling fitness. By enhancing your FTP by definition you will be a fitter, faster cyclist. You will increase your FTP by ~14.8% by following this programme. Continue reading “Thursday Training Plan – 6 Week Functional Threshold Power (FTP) CYCLING Training Plan”

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning


This weeks blog takes it’s name from a song by an obscure 90’s band (if you are interested I’ll link to a live recording of it at the end of the blog). A number of things have influenced this post and I haven’t written a Coach Ray’s Suffering post since Mother’s day. Since then my training has been sporadic and inconsistent. Last week in particular I didn’t make any time to look after myself. I ate far too much junk food and didn’t do a single workout. Continue reading “Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning”

Rotorua Half IronGIRL by Ness Gundry

Half Ironman Training

Through out the year I have entered in a variety of events ranging from mountain biking, trail runs, road riding, a woman’s adventure race and a women’s triathlon. These have all been a means to achieving my end of year goal to complete my first half ironman.

Because there was a such a diverse range of events I had entered in Ray set up a training programme that targeted the specific disciplines. Although I diligently chipped away at my training, I did however have countless concerns worrying if I was ever going to be ready for the Rotorua Half ironman. I couldn’t visualise completing a 2km run, 90km bike ride and a 21km trail run. I had no idea of the terrain. Sure the race profile outlines the maximum elevation. But that is an indication only. It means nothing unless you know the course.

Assimilating the event into your training rides/runs is quite a challenge too. Ray said to me trust the programme Ness. I know I’ve had these countless conversations with Ray before, and he has always been right. Continue reading “Rotorua Half IronGIRL by Ness Gundry”

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: First Full Week

Tri Training NZ

Follow me on my Half Ironman training and #100DaysOfTri journey’s concurrently. Here is how my week unfolded.

This week is all about assessing my current performance levels. I will use this data to determine training intensities for future training sessions as I build up to the Wellington Half Ironman in January, 12 weeks away. Continue reading “Coach Ray’s Sufferings: First Full Week”