Friday Fartlek Run – Tempo Run #1

Running at maximum intensity for about an hour will be done at or just below your threshold pace. When an event is longer than this your race pace will be further below threshold at Tempo pace. The best way to prepare the body to handle this intensity is to spend time running at it. This workout is great to include early in your build-up to expose the body to a slightly higher intensity. This is a key workout within the Project 1:50 training plan to help runners achieve the goal of running a ½ Marathon under 1:50hr.

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Friday Fartlek Run – Garmin Recommended Tempo Run #2

Tempo is an intensity that means different things to different athletes and coaches. For me, I define Tempo as an effort comfortably below the Threshold pace. It is the sort of intensity that if you had to you could maintain for a duration longer than a half marathon. It is higher than the aerobic running pace, sort of in the mid-zone between the two levels. Spending more than 15-20 minutes at this intensity, helps the body practice clearing the small amount of lactic acid generated at this pace, without needing to slow down to do so. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events up to full marathons and further.

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