Rebecca Run’s: Great Runs in Waikato, Coromandel and BoP

Rebecca Mackay

So as the weeks have gone by and I’ve become a famous inspirational blogger to runners that hate running (when does the internet start paying me for this btw?). I’ve found this blogging business to be a tough gig. Possibly tougher than running. Although most runners that hate running (or are on a running hiatas) would slap me for saying that. But it is! What do you write about week after week? The hating on running gets so boring – even for myself! I mean, just shut the truck up and get on with it! Although, in my defence, blogging about hating running is less boring than reading writing from runners that like to run (I read the first 2 pages of “Running with the Kenyans”. Yawn. Too many words. Too much enthusiasm. Too much travelling to a foreign country and waking up at 4 am to run with the fastest people on earth. Could anything be more boring?!). Continue reading “Rebecca Run’s: Great Runs in Waikato, Coromandel and BoP”

Rebecca Run’s: How To Be A “Serious” Runner (Or At Least Appear To Be One For Temporary Periods Of Time)


So this week was about embracing “serious” running. Being a “serious” runner. What does it take? What does it look like, sound like, feel like? Who can be a “serious” runner? Who can’t?

Here’s what my research has uncovered and how I have decided/how I have scrambled to measure up:
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Rebecca Run’s: Princess Highway

It was back to work this week. So depressing after my week in Melbourne. Actually, I quite like my job most of the time and my boss is so cool and clever and beautiful and not that short (yes, she’s reading this). I just like doing other things a bit more. Like sleeping and lying on a beach. Melbourne was cool. My kids are quite cool in small doses too. Oh, and wine – that’s probably better than work too, but you know what? If we could drink wine at work, even just one day a week, or from 2pm on a Friday I think that that would make work a lot better and probably enhance many of our working relationships (What do you think, Boss?). Just saying. Continue reading “Rebecca Run’s: Princess Highway”

Rebecca Runs: 10 Things I Hate About Running

I went for zero runs this week. Zero.

I considered running home from the Business Awards on Saturday night in my heels just so I could blog about one run at least. But then I remembered I’m not a 19 year old uni student anymore. Long story short – I’m never drinking again. Which actually means this week wasn’t a complete waste of time, because I think that sobriety will probably enhance my running game. Continue reading “Rebecca Runs: 10 Things I Hate About Running”

Rebecca Runs: Crisis Averted

So I almost reached a crisis point on my journey this week. My passport arrived and the photo (which I trusted my husband to take) was next-level horrendous. I was almost confronted with the uncomfortable reality that I am chubby. And if I am chubby, then running is non-negotiable (horror!). But then the girls at work showed me how to extend my neck for photos, and just like that, I lost at least 5kgs on film/device (see photo comparisons). Crisis averted. The neck-stretch technique is still a work in progress as you can see from the photo, but at least I don’t have to stop eating pies. Yet. Continue reading “Rebecca Runs: Crisis Averted”

Rebecca Runs – Pies, Priorities & Procrastination

So after my first blog was published, Whakatāne Harriers got in touch and gushed about it, shared it on their Facebook page, and invited me to an interclub event today (Sunday, 19 August 2018). The way I read it, I’m pretty much a celebrity now. Which means I can never – EVER – actually go to an event. They’ll be so disappointed.

Anyway, I had a pretty dismal week on the running front. But I’m a human-being and it’s important not to forget that. Continue reading “Rebecca Runs – Pies, Priorities & Procrastination”