Rotorua Half IronGIRL by Ness Gundry

Half Ironman Training

Through out the year I have entered in a variety of events ranging from mountain biking, trail runs, road riding, a woman’s adventure race and a women’s triathlon. These have all been a means to achieving my end of year goal to complete my first half ironman.

Because there was a such a diverse range of events I had entered in Ray set up a training programme that targeted the specific disciplines. Although I diligently chipped away at my training, I did however have countless concerns worrying if I was ever going to be ready for the Rotorua Half ironman. I couldn’t visualise completing a 2km run, 90km bike ride and a 21km trail run. I had no idea of the terrain. Sure the race profile outlines the maximum elevation. But that is an indication only. It means nothing unless you know the course.

Assimilating the event into your training rides/runs is quite a challenge too. Ray said to me trust the programme Ness. I know I’ve had these countless conversations with Ray before, and he has always been right. Continue reading “Rotorua Half IronGIRL by Ness Gundry”

UltraHumps: 3 Half Ironmans

Ultraman Australia

Hi Blog Followers and a Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you have had a great festive season and seen the New Year through safe and well.  If you over indulged to much for the festive celebrations and are searching for a New Years Resolution or a goal for 2017, make contact with Qwik Kiwi’s Coach Ray Boardman and he will help you to achieve your goals, along with his ever supportive clients who support each other either at events or on-line. Continue reading “UltraHumps: 3 Half Ironmans”

UltraHumps: Rotorua Half Ironman

Hi Blog Followers, I’m having a few computer glitches with the internet at home and also at Camp, so I have chosen to continue to include some favourite photo’s from Ultraman Australia 2016, which is the event for my charity of 2016 and the finale of the 3+2+1=Charity which I finish in May 2017.  The next couple of blogs I hope to be able to include photo’s from the Ironman New Zealand 70.3 (Half Ironman in Taupo), which I completed on 10 Dec 16 and the Rotorua Half Ironman which I completed this weekend (17 Dec 16), both of which were after the Napier Iron Maori Half Ironman on 3 Dec 16.  These 3 events over 3 consecutive weekends make up the 3 of the 3+2+1=Charity. Continue reading “UltraHumps: Rotorua Half Ironman”

UltraHumps: Life Through the Earthquake

Hi blog followers

Welcome to Blog # 19.

img_3207-3Well what a week which started with the tragedy of two fatalities in the earthquake down south.  My thoughts are with their families and the rest of New Zealand as we all are involved with the earthquake one way or another, particularly those that suffered damages or emotional feelings.   Continue reading “UltraHumps: Life Through the Earthquake”

UltraHumps – Attention To Detail

Tri Training NZ

Hi Blog Followers – Well a big week of training this week with Coach Ray focusing on sprint training in the Pool and some long reps of high intensity Running and hill work on the Bike.  I had to laugh (as did the rest of the swimming pool no doubt) as in between the series of sprints in the Pool, Coach Ray had me doing Individual Medley, which one of the activities is Butterfly.  A guy called Ed who has given me some swim tips and is an amazing swimmer, just happened to arrive right on cue as I was performing butterfly on the way back towards him.  He said “what the hell was that”, I said “a Tsunami” which he didn’t disagree.  The H20 Pool is having the roof replaced so there was ‘caution cones’ at the end of the Pool, well just at the end of my lane, the Air Force guy swimming in my lane with me said “the caution cone and caution tape is their for your butterfly attempt”. Continue reading “UltraHumps – Attention To Detail”