Top 10 Articles of 2023

Throughout the year a number of articles have had popular times. But over the entire year, the reoccuring theme with popular articles relate to periodisation. Back in 2020/2021 I wrote a series of articles looking at the periodisation principles utilised by various coaches and academics, with six of the articles relating to periodisation from this era of articles still popular. However, the top two articles related to intensity.

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Peter Coe

Martin & Coe’s Better Periodisation for Distance Runners

Peter Coe started out dissatisfied with the coaching advice Sebastian was receiving from his local club (this was based around the methodologies for Arthur Lydiard). Fluent in German, Coe senior translated the books of prominent German coach Woldemar Gerschler. Gerschler was a pioneer and proponent for Interval Training back in the 1930’s. His methodologies called on a pace “so fast that the pace required in competition would seem moderate and achievable”, and this is a key principle that Coe senior used to build the fitness of Sebastian Coe to win Olympic gold medals in the 1,500m in both Moscow and Los Angeles, combining that with silver medals in the 800m in the same Olympics.

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