Faster Swimming

As you follow the programme you will find yourself swimming your 1,500m faster. Now whether that is a PB or not will depend on how fast you have swum in the past, but it will definitely be faster at the end of the 4 weeks than it is now.

With this programme people improve on average nearly 2 minutes, with some people improving by over 10%.

Designed for triathletes who are preparing for an Olympic distance triathlon. The primary goal of this training plan is to swim 1,500m faster in 4 weeks time.

Crafted by myself, Ray Boardman PGDipSportsMed, PGDipRehab, PGCertSc (Exercise Science), BSc (Anatomy), DipSportsStudies this plan encapsulates my passion for the sport, my experience from completing in triathlons for over 33 years and my success coaching hundreds of triathletes.

  • Bronwyn improved her 1,500m time by 6:48 (11.7% improvement) in 4 weeks.
  • Robert dropped his 1,500m from 30:33 down to 28:56 (5.3% improvement) in only 4 weeks.

The average improvement over the first 4 weeks is 6.3% or 2:12 off your 1,500m!!!!

If you are wanting to improve your swimming speed this programme is for you.

As part of the programme you get a training plan based on your current ability that you can fit into your current swimming programme. If you currently swim 5 times per week, I’ll give you 5 workouts to do. If you only swim 3 times per week I’ll give you three workouts to do. I don’t want you stressing about where to find time to do two extra swim sessions and then getting despondent because you can’t find the time to do the extra sessions. Your programme will fit your current lifestyle.

It’ll also be based around how far you are currently swimming. If you only swim 2,000m per session, that is about how far each session will be for you. But if you are already swimming for 4,000m, I’ll be smart and not drop you back to the 2,000m sessions. This Faster Swimmer is tailored to your current ability.

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