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Triathlon New Zealand

Thursday Training Plan: Triathlon Strength Training Plan

Want to get fitter and stronger for triathlon? This strength and conditioning programme requires standard gym equipment and can be done at almost any gym. Designed for triathletes who are beginner/intermediate level of experience with strength and conditioning who are looking to develop your strength as…

Wednesday Windtainer Workout: 90sec Hill Reps

This session is a great way to develop your anaerobic capacity. It is perfect for road cyclists and mountain bikers but also for Olympic distance and Half Ironman/70.3 triathletes.

Ironman Training Triathlon Training

Race Day: Ironman Race Week

What can you do better to prepare for Ironman? Here are some tips and techniques to get through race week ready for the big day. With Ironman New Zealand fast approaching in Taupo, the nerves of athletes are starting to…

12 Weeks to an Iron-Distance Swim PB: Week 12

Over the coming 12 weeks I will post a a series of workouts building your swim fitness as you prepare for either Challenge Wanaka (18 Feb) or Ironman NZ (04 Mar). I have been a professional triathlon coach since 2000 and am a multiple Iron-distance finisher including…

12 Weeks to an Iron-Distance Swim PB: Week 11

This weeks training continues to develop your base fitness with a strong focus on technique and endurance. Each week will have three pool sessions for you to complete. I also encourage you to get in the open water once a…

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