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Race Day

Clatters Chatter: Race Day

Waiting for the baton, anxiously gritting my teeth whether I would be ready for my team mate to come down the hill. We were in first place I heard, and as I did my last stride my team mate arrived.

Clatters Chatter: Race Day!

2km to go, my lungs start to burn with lactic acid burning my esophagus, positioned 14th, telling myself “keep going you’ve got this.” As of my last article, I had the NZ Cross Country Championships and I would just like…

Clatters Chatter: Race Day

“2 minutes to the start, my heart racing as I am getting ready for the starters gun.” Hey guys, today I will be talking about my Race day at the New Zealand Secondary School National Cross Country Race and how…

Clatters Chatter: Race Day

This week I had one of my Races. The Tasman Secondary Schools Cross Country race. The one against all the high schools in the top of the South Island of NZ. Just coming back from a weeks rest due to…

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