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5 Weeks to the Marlborough Women’s Triathlon

I know a number of you are using the Marlborough Women’s Triathlon to help lose weight and about this time last year I filmed this video about the number one reason that people struggle to lose weight.

6 Weeks to the Jules Taylor Wines Marlborough Women’s Triathlon

I’ve prepared a twelve week training programme to prepare you for the Jules Taylor Wines Women’s Marlborough Triathlon. Each Thursday I will post it here for you follow along with. This programme started Monday 5th September. The first weeks of the programme…

Getting started with Swimming: Week 2

Over the next few weeks I’ll post a series of workouts to assist you to improve your swimming. These sessions are targeted towards beginners who are just getting started with swimming, but can comfortably swim a few lengths without stopping.

Tash McCosh’s Testimonial for Coach Ray

Around 3 months ago I was given Coach Ray’s contact details.  As I sat talking to him via FB and he said he was sitting on the side of the pool delaying getting in the water, I thought yep this…

Book Review

Book Review: Matt Fitzgerald – 80/20 Running

Fitzgerald, Matt (2014) 80/20 Running – Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower New American Library I’ve been wanting to read this book since I heard it was published. Matt Fitzgerald is an engaging author who researches his topics thoroughly….

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What are the Consequences of Missing a Workout?

What are the consequences of missing a workout? Although this isn’t a common question the implications of the answer affect anyone following a training plan. A training plan is only as good as the adherence to this plan. As a…

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Is More Training Better?

Is more training better? How much is too much? How hard is too hard? I’m feeling good so I should push myself hard today. All common questions or statements that I deal with as a coach. What are the answers…

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