Miles Stewart

Saturday Swim Session – Col Stewart’s Miles for Miles Session #2 For Mortals

To be an elite-level triathlete you need an exceptional aerobic base. Miles Stewart was well-known as an elite triathlete in the 1990s and into the 2000s. He had an exceptional aerobic base, built by consistent training and a large volume combined with speed. The focus of this session was developing his aerobic base. This session is good for triathletes, as well as open-water swimmers.

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Tri Swim Coach

Saturday Swim Session: Alternate T-Times

This session is a great tool to determine your current level of fitness and use as a benchmark for planning of future training sessions. This is an alternate method for determining it, really great if you have limited time for this workout. I use the main version every four to six weeks with my athletes and this version for athletes starting out, or recommencing training after a good break.

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Swim Sessions

Swim 365

Are you a regular fitness swimmer?
Do you struggle to find inspiration for a swim workout?
Due to a request to put together a year long training programme for a group of swimmers, I’m now launching Swim 365 to everyone else.
It might be you take the lead for a group of friends who swim together. Maybe you plan the training for a local masters group. Maybe you swim by yourself and need some inspiration for some workouts each week.
Each session will develop all round swimming fitness by improving aerobic efficiency, Distance Per Stroke (DPS), swim speed, lactate tolerance and/or threshold pace.

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