Lisa’s Journey, Week 14’s focus has been the Four F’s…

#1 – FORTUNATE: Earlier in the week Ray kindly gave up his time to travel down and hold a seminar on ‘Training for a Triathlon’. Thank you so much Ray! I know you’re super busy, but it was very informative and the feedback has been really positive! The 7 Keys to Success were again helpful and I know I had some ahh-haaa moments, some of which need to be worked on!!!

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Lisa’s Journey, Week 13: Don’t be in a rush to get to the destination. Just enjoy the journey.

The best part now is that I’m not daunted by the thought of going for a 40min run like I used to be, but in my head I’m much better than I actually am. Or maybe I think it is going to be easier than it is.  That’s me really badly trying to explain that prior to any run I’m eager, then I go out and I’m like ugh, this is harder than I imagined it was going to be. Then as soon as I’m finished I’m like yeeyah, bring on the next run.

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Lisa’s Journey, Week 11: Challenge Accepted!

Argh… Ok, so who’s sped up time?  It seems I just finish a blog and vow to have the next in on time and then it’s already Friday! Now it’s Saturday and I’m already late, but as my favourite saying goes, ‘if it wasn’t for the last minute, I’d get nothing done’!! So here’s how this week has played out.
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Lisa’s Journey, Week 10: Trust And To Believe In One’s Self…

You have to trust in the process and have the confidence that you can and will achieve your goals! This was too big of a heading, but this is what I have come to learn over that last couple of months. The great thing I’ve found with having a running coach is being able to put your trust in their hands, and know that their knowledge will help get you to where you need to be, and you don’t have to even think about it.  You  just have to stick to the plan! Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey, Week 10: Trust And To Believe In One’s Self…”

Lisa’s Journey Week 7: Footloose… I’ve sure kicked off those shoes!!

I’ve stared at this screen for sometime now, wondering what to write from the past week. I’ve really struggled, so I’m going to bore you with a few things that have happened over the last few days. Well today I missed my first run!  It feels like a big deal to me and I feel somewhat like a failure, as it taints my clean record. I don’t enjoy running as such, yet, or maybe I do? I can’t quite decide. I am always very pleased when I’m done, but I do not like missing a run, because I know that if I miss one, it’s all to easy to miss the next and so on. It wasn’t because I actually couldn’t be bothered either, but because of heavy rain. I toyed with the idea of still going out, but the rain didn’t ease or it seemed very illogical. Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey Week 7: Footloose… I’ve sure kicked off those shoes!!”

Lisa’s Journey Week 6: Roll, roll, roll your legs…

Foam rollers. They seem like a harmless pieces of equipment to help ease muscle tightness, but don’t be fooled! These things are nothing short of pure evil in disguise!! Over a year ago – that’s how long ago I brought mine. I popped it safely under the bed,and there it has stayed, until the start of last week. Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey Week 6: Roll, roll, roll your legs…”

Lisa’s Journey Week 5: Underneath it all, tights, bras, buffs and stuff…

Whale Run

I waited out the frost this morning like a whimp.  Too cold for me. As things started to thaw I headed off thinking I’d nailed it – a short run.  The sun was shining, my undies were sitting in the correct place, nothing was itching/rubbing/annoying me, life was good.

Then, I thought I might just hitch my tights a little.  Dumb, dumb move.  That tiny adjustment seemed to throw the whole show out of balance and suddenly I felt like I’d got my knickers in a knot… Urrggghh!!

I’m glad the watch reads your heart rate, as Ray might think I die every now and then, as everything suddenly ‘stops’) Never fear Coach, it’s just a ‘re-adjustment break’, and geez, a sight for any poor person who might witness me doing these adjustments while running.

Right – with all that said and done, on I go. And what a run!!! And nope not in a good way. My legs just felt like lead weights today, and I found it hard to pick them up and actually move them another step forward, which was SUPER frustrating.  My breathing today was fine, so much so I swore out loud, and it came out nice and clear unhindered by any shortness of breath!! Sometimes swearing out loud lets out the frustration and I feel better… and nope that wasn’t helping this morning either. But you have to take the good with bad I guess,.  I got home in one piece and my knee that’s been dicking me around the last few days, found the position it was happy in, and didn’t hurt while I ran. Yah! Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey Week 5: Underneath it all, tights, bras, buffs and stuff…”