UltraHumps Journey to Cameron Brown Award and Iron Maori Legend Series

Ultraman Australia

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Since my last blog I have attended a family celebration of my mother’s 75th, a family wedding, and I am now on holiday with Mel in the United States.  This is a holiday we have had to plan carefully to fit in with the busy schedules of our respective careers. Continue reading “UltraHumps Journey to Cameron Brown Award and Iron Maori Legend Series”

UltraHumps – Cameron Brown Award / IronMaori Legend Series Journey

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It’s time to write my journey, so I thought I’d focus on the first of the 8 events I am to complete as part of the Cameron Brown Award which I have culminated with the IronMaori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series, this being the Taupo Half Marathon which was held on 4 August 2018. Continue reading “UltraHumps – Cameron Brown Award / IronMaori Legend Series Journey”



Well I never actually went anywhere, but here is my story!

When I completed Ultraman Australia 2016 on the Sunshine Coast, I won the Military and Emergency Services Division Trophy.  Me being me, I knew I had to return in 2017 and defend my title. To me it wasn’t anything that should be simply handed over to the next winner without the current holder defending his title.  For those that don’t know, an Ultraman is a 3 day event covering 515 kilometres of swimming, cycling and running. Day One is a 10 km Ocean Swim followed by a 140 km Cycle.  Day Two is a 280 km Cycle and Day Three is a Double Marathon of 84+ km. Continue reading “ULTRAHUMPS is back…”

Coach Ray Interviews Arnaud Selukov from 859 Coaching

859 Coaching

Recently I caught up with Arnaud Selukov who runs 859 Coaching based out of France. Arnaud has a strong pedigree in long distance events having gone under 9 hours for Ironman and also winning Ultraman Australia in 2016.

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ASA Supports UltraHumps At Ultraman

515km over 3 days
An extreme event strictly for triathletes seeking a tougher challenge. Day 1, a 10 km swim and 140km cycle; Day 2, a 281km cycle; Day 3, an 84km double marathon – madness!
‘UltraHumps’ John (Humps) Humphries returned to Ultraman Australia in Noosa, Queensland over the period 13-15 May 2017. This year there was an increase to 54 competitors, most of whom were from Australia but also included athletes from Italy, Ireland, Brazil, USA, Poland, Portugal, India and New Zealand.

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UltraHumps: How Ultraman Went

Ultraman Noosa

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Welcome to a final blog to wrap up the ‘1’ being Ultraman Australia of the 3+2+1=Charity.  Apologies for the delay in publication, I wanted to get the amazing photos from Barry Alsop from Eyes Wide Open Imagery, being the Official Photographer of Ultraman Australia.

Wow what an amazing event, to finish of the 3 Half Ironman events over 3 consecutive weekends in December, followed by 2 full Iron distance events over 2 weeks in February/March to become the 1 over 1 long weekend in May.  A total of 1306 kms of swimming, cycling and running from the 6 events.  The other Half Ironman and Iron distance events have been previously written about, so this article is to sum up how the Ultraman Australia event went.
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UltraHumps: Day 1 Ultraman